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Call: 02242107676/ 02242107600

Library Committee

Mr. Nitin Gadekar - Hon. Secretary

Mrs. Poonam Gidwani - Joint Hon. Secretary

Department Fees

Fees For Financial Year 2022 to 2023

Period                                                 Amount (Rs.)


Yearly                                                              2,300/-

Half Yearly ( 6 Calender Months )                  1,400/-

Quarterly ( 3 Calender Months )                    1,050/-

Monthly ( 1 Calender Month )                           700/-

Child Annual ( Upto 12 years of age )           1,200/-

Couple Annual                                               2,750/-

Senior Citizens

If not a Member of any other dept.                 FREE

A Senior Citizen should have been a

member of Library dept. For at least

five years continuous to avail of free

If a member of any other any

other dept.                           50% of above applicable rates

Senior Citizen over 75 years                           FREE


Student Quarterly ( 3 Calender months )          650/-

Student Monthly ( 1 Calender month )              300/-

Notes: To avail of concessional student membership, the student may have to provide proof that he/she is a bona fide student of an educational institution and agrees to sign on undertaking that he/she will abide all the rules of the Library.

a) Such student members will not be entitled to borrow Library books.

b) Senior Citizen should provide his/her I.D. Card issued by the Gymkhana for verification at the time of filling the form.

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